Creative blues

Feeling down, pressures

As much as some like to label creative disciplines as 'hobbies' and love to say 'this isn't a job' or 'this isn't going to pay your rent'; it truly is a full-time job. Often times a non stop 24/7 job that can be tiring when it comes to turning your passion into a paying job that depends on constant creative energy and output. Comments that discredit the credibility of creative professions or really anything 'unconventional' really harm the people in that specific industry. Whether it's huge companies reaching out to creatives to collaborate on an unpaid 'amazing opportunity with a lot of exposure' or your friend asking for a free photo shoot and edits because you are friends - Creatives are constantly fighting to be recognised and therefore, paid for the service they provide and value they add.

Amidst all of that, actually being

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