Posted about how productive you are yet? Caught up on all the tea? Reached more than 10,000 followers by now? - No? Huh!

Instagram not real life

People who have 800 followers but shot for Nike etc or 2,000 and shot international campaigns. Some even have no instagram and are successful models.

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If instagram is banned tomorrow what do you have left?

Business contacts etc

Who knows about you, your website, your service?

Where do you have contact details of important people stored?

How do people know what you do and what's happening? Newsletter, blog, pitches?

Making money through instagram? Pitching through instagram?

Sometimes, to achieve a healthy balance you need to step back completely for a bit. At least in my experience, I

There's no shame in taking some time off, disconnecting from social media. Actually, you mind end up getting that

coming up with new ideas

Just take this as your little reminder for not caring too much about but more about factual aspects such as pitches, gigs, networking but more importantly, mental and physical health as well as social contacts - no, I mean the IRL ones, darling.

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