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DESIGN | Social Media - Premium

Premium Package - Comprehensive Social Media Strategy

  • 3 Std. 30 Min.
  • 1.200 Euro
  • Company address


This package includes ALL features of the Advanced Package, PLUS: Social Media Content Calendar: Creation of a tailored content calendar with planned visual themes, campaigns, and posting schedules. Strategic guidance to ensure consistent and impactful social media presence. Influencer Collaboration: Assistance in identifying and connecting with relevant influencers or brand ambassadors for collaborative social media content. Guidance in designing visuals that align with the influencer's style and resonate with their audience. Ad Campaign Design: Design of visually compelling graphics for paid social media campaigns. Collaborative approach to align design elements with campaign objectives and target audience. Performance Analytics and Reporting: Monitoring and analysis of social media performance. Regular reports on key metrics, insights, and recommendations for continuous improvement. *** There is a discounted version available for monthly retainers ***


  • Jüngstallee 15, 45133 Essen, Deutschland

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