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Are you on your very own creative journey? Do you need some input based on visual research for your next campaign? 

  • Portfolio Reviews

  • Workshops

  • Visual Research & Concepts

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Portfolio Review


Portfolio Analysis

Design History

Software Guidance

Design Exercises

Portfolio Update

Freelance Advice  

A portfolio is essential, whether that's for applying to your dream uni or pitching your very first client. From analysing your existing work and figuring out your focus and style to finalising your portfolio and handing you a bundle of recommendations to assure you're set - I am here to help you gain confidence in your work and present yourself in the best way possible with your own portfolio.


Online & IRL




Video Art


Visual Branding

Mixed Media

Want to get creative and have a little art session? How about one of my workshops - online or in person. I offer a variety of workshops and am always open to adjust the workshop to your creative goals and needs. For example: 

  • Analog & Digital Collage Making 

  • Digital Photo Manipulation & Editing

  • Freelancing Dos & Dont's 


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