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Your one-stop-expert for visuals.

Ina Moana is a Multidisciplinary Creative specializing in visual storytelling for the music industry. She is a go to one-stop-expert for all things visual with esteemed labels such as Sony Music UK, artists like July Jones, and major festivals such as Kiesgrube. With her unique handcrafted designs she sculpts dynamic realities, helping musicians and labels visualize their music and reach their audiences through captivating visual narratives. With her work, she aims to break generic rules in society, to contribute to a new standard of diversity.

Ina Moana Blog Writer Artist


I deliver unparalleled visual storytelling experiences, collaborating closely with you to create handcrafted designs that authentically represent you and amplify the emotional connection between your music and listeners.

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Freelancing isn't about sitting in a cute cafe with your Mac, looking all busy. It's a lot of admin work, writing pitches, updating your online presence, and so on. Sometimes, the fun takes a backseat and that's a no-no for me. While I always make sure that my shoots are fun and empowering for everyone involved, I also have to remind myself to organize my own fun in this me-myself- & I Co. Therefore, I created some outlets both to provide you with more details but also to keep things fun for me.

So, for more about me and behind-the-scenes, check these:



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